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Privacy Policy


Thank you for placing your trust in the “Spama” online store.


When using our services, you can be confident that your data will be protected at all times.


The Spama privacy policy is a guide to help you to better understand what personal data is collected and processed in relation to yourself:

·        The reasons for collecting and processing your data

·        The limits with regards to sharing this data with third parties

·        The requirements of disclosing the data

·        The method of updating, editing and deleting the data.


Below is the overview of the Spama Privacy Policy.


Please read this privacy policy carefully before continuing to use the services of the Spama store.


The privacy policy includes the following sections:


Section 1:    Definitions

Section 2:    Data Collected about You

Section 3:    Cookies Policy

Second 4:    Requirements of using Your Data

Section 5:    Management of Your Data

Section 6:    Protection of Your Data

Section 7:    Disclosure of Your Data

Section 8:    Modifications

Section 9:    Contacting Us


Section 1:   Definitions


The Definitions contained in this policy, unless otherwise referred to by the context shall mean the following:


“Spama”, “”, “Store”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” shall refer to the website “” and Specialized Care Institution For Medical Equipment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, having the commercial register No: 4030147995 and owning the trademark “Spama” that is registered with the Ministry of Trade.

“User”, “You” or "Your” refers to the person visiting, using or registering membership with the store.

“Customer” shall refer to any person, institution or company processing a purchase order for products offered for sale via the store.

“Products” shall refer to the products offered for sale via the on-line store and these include: Home Health Care Products and other miscellaneous products.

“Policy” shall refer to this document as well as the terms and conditions contained herein.

 “Data” shall refer to the data collected about the user, data the user provides, data collected about the devices the user uses while communicating with the store or any data about store usage.


Section 2:   The Data We Collect About You


We may on occasion collect and process the following data:

(1) Data provided to us while registering with the “Spama” store will include: Name, Phone Number, E-mail and Physical Address information.

(2) Data provided to us while entering into a sale agreement with the “Spama” store will include:  Residential Address, Purchasers Full Names, Personal Identification Number, as well as other data required for the shipment of your purchase(s).

(3) Data provided to us with regards to refund or exchange requests. The data with regards to a payment; this could include data of the purchase price of products or the refund / payment of applicable price differences.

(4) Data provided to us while accepting our services at any time, including but not limited to, Address, Bank Account Number, Credit Card Information or any other data we may ask you to provide.

(5) Data provided to us when you enter a competition or promotion sponsored by the “Spama” store.

(6) Data provided to us when you report a problem / error on the store.

(7) Data you provide to us when a problem occurs related to the process of a payment or a payment amount.

(8) Data you provide to us while communicating with our customer service representatives, for any reason.

(9) Data you provide to us while evaluating the services you have received the via the “Spama” store.

(10) Data we deem necessary for confirming your identity or ascertaining the validity and legality of any actions you perform via the site including a copy of your passport or Identity Card.


Section 3: Cookies Policy


Cookies are small amounts of data generated when visiting some websites, this data is stored on the web browser of your device. These files will not cause harm to your device.


Cookies are used on the “Spama” store as follows:

(1) Cookies are used for the purpose of providing us with information about your visit to the “Spama” store.  An example: some Cookies help us identify any errors that occurred during your visit to the “Spama” store and assist us to correct these errors.

(2) Cookies assist us to recall the pages and items you selected while visiting the “Spama” store.

(3) Cookies aim to improve any return visits to the “Spama” store.

(4) There are Cookies from other websites published via our store, these Cookies do not belong to the “Spama” store and as such the “Spama” store has no control over the content or nature of these Cookies. 

(5) All changes with regards to Cookies can be administered by the user through the settings option on the web browser of your device.


Section 4: Limits of Using Your Data


We are always committed to protecting your privacy. Personal data will be used for the following purposes only:

(1) Enabling you to make use our services.

(2) Creating your account and personal file for communication between yourself and the “Spama” store.

(3) Processing the data you have provided via the “Spama” store for verification of your E-mail Address and Contact Telephone Number, this is done to validate ownership.

(4) Enabling you to submit any orders online via the “Spama” store and making payments for the order via the electronic payment methods approved by us (Bank transfer, Credit cards).

(5) Communicating and delivering the products you have ordered with regards to delivery address and any follow up with regards to your order.

(6) Communicating with regards to our refund policy, as well as processing any applicable refund request and refunding when necessary.

(7) Receiving and responding to any questions, complaints and inquiries that you may have.

(8) Receiving and responding to any comments and opinions with regards to the service you have received via the “Spama” store.

(9) Analyzing your responses to any questionnaires that you have answered on the “Spama” store.

(10) Providing you with the relevant information about our services and products that you have ordered via the “Spama” store.

(11) Providing you with the information about products we consider will be of interest to you, including our special offers.

(12) For in-house assessments with regards to improving the services and products offered on the “Spama” store.

(13) For distributing any content, recommendations or advertisements we and our affiliate third parties offer that we consider will be relevant to you.

(14) Communicating with you in relation to Governmental regulations with regards to changes our privacy policy; the conditions of use or any other policies on the “Spama” store.

(15) For complying with any regulatory and / or legal obligations.

(16) For any purposes revealed to you at the time of providing your information with your agreement and according to this privacy policy.

(17) Your registration and use of the “Spama” store shall be deemed to be an agreement for receiving e-mails promoting our services, products and notices.  To unsubscribe from this email communication please click on the “My Account” link on the “Spama” website.


Section 5: Management of Your Personal Data


To view, edit or update your personal information please click on the “My Account”  link on “Spama” website. This option will also give you access to Technical Support for the site.


Section 6: Protection of Your Data


(1) The “Spama” store undertakes to keep your banking and any personal data for the period of time required by your chosen transaction only.

(2) The store undertakes not to divulge your personal data for any purpose in return for a fee, or with any third party - except when it is required under relevant laws and instructions. All instances will require written consent from the user to whom the information relates.

(3) The “Spama” store undertakes to keep confidential any records containing personal data of the user; any records of online communications in our charge or under our control or with our agents or employees.

(4) The store undertakes to take all reasonable steps for ensuring that the user’s personal data and the relevant records are safely protected in a proportionate way in relation to their importance.

(5) The user understands there are limitations around internet security and that the confidentiality of your personal data cannot be fully ensured by the “Spama” store.

(6) The “Spama” store undertakes, within the legal limits permitted, not to divulge your confidential data or to use the data in any way that conflicts with your rights to privacy.

(7) The “Spama” store undertakes not to divulge or sell your data to any third parties.


Section 7: Disclosure of Your Data


(1) You hereby permit the “Spama” store to allow our employees to deal with your personal data within the limits of providing you with our services.

(2) The “Spama” store may only disclose your personal data to a member of our group, subsidiaries or institution.

(3) The “Spama” store may reveal your personal data to third parties under the following circumstances:

- We sell the assets of the “Spama” store, or upon the appointment of additional partners, we hence reveal your data to the buyer or the new partner.

- The necessary regulatory bodies share with us the provisions of services for the protection from any credit risks, deceptions and online hacking.

- Under requirement to disclose your personal data or to share it for the protection of the rights and property or the safety of the “Spama” store, our employees or other persons.

(4) The “Spama” store may reveal your personal data in compliance with legal or contractual obligations in the following cases:

- When required to disclose your personal data or to share it in compliance with any legal obligation or for the imposition or application of our terms and conditions or any other agreement.

- Rendering a judicial decision or order by the various judicial competent bodies that bind us.

- By issuing a decision by the public authorities that bind us.







Section 8: Modifications


(1) We are entitled to modify our privacy policy at any time.  The amendments to the privacy policy shall be published in a general notice via the “Spama” store. The date on this document shall display the most recent date - “Last Updated”.

(2) By continuing to use the “Spama” store, after updating the privacy policy shall be deemed to be an express consent by you to these modifications and a legal acceptance of the new practices and terms.

(3) In the event that you do not agree with the any modifications or updates to the Privacy Policy you must immediately suspend any use of the “Spama” store.

(4) Please access the Privacy Policy at any time to review the terms and updates.


Section 9: Contacting us


You can contact us on:

- E-mail:

- Telephone Number:  920001494

Last Updated: Dec 1, 2019