The data we collect through our site helps us to provide you with information and services specifically suited to your needs and interests, and (Privacy Policy) that covers spama electronic site including all Electronic addresses ends registered in our name style (co.). Please read (Privacy Policy) our own well and the quality of the data and information we collect via our website, taking into consideration that words like (we're) or any possessive pronouns or similar signals spama, and words like (you) and no conscience or similar signals mean (user) to our site. Once your visit to our site as a formal notification of your acceptance of our practices and our methods mentioned and shown in (Privacy Policy).

How does spama collect and use information?

Cookies: cookies are pieces of information that Internet Server (server) downloaded so that it can identify the Internet browser on your computer, usually use some kind of Web cookies Cookie is called temporary visit (session) to identify you as you move between pages within this site during one visit to make sure to save any information you enter, for example if you use one ecommerce sites, this type of cookies. any products of you choose and add it to your shopping cart will vanish once you move to the next page which you cannot complete your purchase and get the products you want. 

Website also uses another type of cookies called hospitality cookies (persistent) which allows to identify you during multiple visits to the site and dispersed, which facilitates and speeds up the process of browsing the site, and your use of the applications and getting his services rather than re-acquaintance anew each time. 

spama site attempts to load both types of cookies when a user visits the site where these cookies collect information to identify your associates in browsing through the site, and users freedom Activate or disable cookies through your Internet browser settings on their computer, and if the block or refuse to accept cookies or delete cookies between disparate browsing visits, that may prevent the ability of the browser to take advantage or use certain applications and services on the site. 

Statics: in spama we collect statistics across the server hosting the site (server) to identify the tendencies of users on our site, these statistics include number of visits received by the site during Certain types of browsers used by visitors, and pages viewed, navigation patterns, and all this information does not contain any personal data about users, is collected only for being helpful to identify (where) comes the majority of our users and what are the areas with high density and thus determine the best way to communicate with our users.

In addition to the stats server spama site uses a tool called beacon network (web beacons) help us make sure that you receive our customers ' emails sent to them and read by them, as the site Collect email addresses (IP address) of the PSE in a special file (log file) to protect the site from hacking (hackers) and virus attacks and various types of malware. 

Personal data is the data that you provide to the site yourself, and to this end phrase (personal information) (Privacy Policy) on our website any information that identifies you, or anyone else who Contact you or describe and define the type and nature of your relationship to the site. This is the collection and storage of personal information when you register your membership on our site, or when you ask a question, or use the site's chat system, or fill out a form, or a financial transaction, or Send an email to us. Giving personal information is optionally to spama website, but taking into consideration that in the event that give you such information may preclude your ability to use certain applications on the site or our inability to provide you with certain services from the service package offered by our site. spama Web site use your personal information in order to complete the financial moves, respond to your requests, deliver your purchases, provide you with the services, and notify you if any updates and amendments that Site having bunches and special offers we think they may draw your interest. And if you actually receive e-mails from spama site right now and do not want to receive such letters anymore, all you have to do is to follow the instructions to unsubscribe (unsubscribe) in the tail of each an email from our site, or simply change the options for receiving messages within your personal account settings.

What protection measures applied by spama to ensure the security and integrity of personal information?

We in spama use many sensory and electronic and procedural means to protect the site from piracy and illegal entry, ensure the accuracy of data and information, and correct usage Personal information, in addition to this privacy policy means spama site wishes to limit access to personal information of customers, only company employees as the nature of their use may use this information. 

Does SPAMA disclose the information collected to any third parties?

SPAMA may involve information collected with a very limited number of business partners who deal with them, and that includes partner companies and generic and allied, and companies that provide for our website users Permanent, or that offer deals and awards, as well as providers of marketing services and other business services to our account including companies supplying products and services that enable us to complete and satisfying the demands and needs of our customers. 

All these companies that do business on our behalf or for us are obliged to keep confidential the information provided to them completely and used only for the purpose of providing the products and services required of them for our benefit and the benefit of Our customers. 

Include information that can be shared with a third party spama aggregate statistics about customers, sales, website, traffic density, and browsing patterns, and other information on the site, all these statistics and data do not contain any personal data. 

Personal information is not disclosed by any way unless strictly necessary, such as:

-A commitment to the law and/or any legal action we succumb and companies that we deal with.

-To protect the moral and material rights and/or material and moral rights of our users.

-In case of any emergency that might threaten the security and safety of our users or the public safety and security.


External links:

spama assumes no responsibility for the companies and organizations or individuals that have links to their websites on our website to collect, use and protect the information you provide and display by the users, if you choose to voluntarily visit these sites, and in accordance with the privacy policy and terms of service for these sites. you do so at your own risk.

Information from underage:

spama site does not include any electronic content address or wave to them specifically, and all site users are required to have completed eighteen (18) years old at the given. Profile and any user under the age of 18 is considered an unauthorized user of the site. In the case of spama found one of the users of the site is under eighteen (18) years old, probably will delete and cancel all information and data on this user.

Approval for use in the Middle East:

Once you give any personal information to spama site, all users, including, but not limited to users in the Middle East, and users in GCC, recognize and agree on  the full understanding and consent privacy policy for the site, and the possibility of transfer and transfer personal information across international borders in accordance with standard procedures to locate the spama Include and are not limited to the collection, storage and use of such information within the countries of the Middle East.

The conclusion:

spama are fully committed to protecting the privacy of users of the Web site, and information collected through the site helps us understand the market and identify concerns and customer inclinations, which enables us to provide our business partners and provide the level of service they deserve.