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Brand: Medline
Type: Trachostomy gauze slices.Box of 25...
60.00 SAR
Ex Tax:60.00 SAR
Brand: Medline
Wet wipes.For body cleaning.Non woven material.Pack of 8...
15.75 SAR
Ex Tax:15.00 SAR
Brand: Medline
Urinal bag for urinary incontinence patients.The bag must be connected to catheter tube.Capacity: 2000 ml.Can be used multiple times...
20.00 SAR
Ex Tax:20.00 SAR
Wooden Cotton Applicator Tip Sterile 6"
New Hot
Brand: Medline
Wooden Cotton Applicator Tip Sterile 6"..
30.00 SAR
Ex Tax:30.00 SAR
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