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Yuwell Suction Machine Rechargeable 7E-G

Yuwell Suction Machine Rechargeable 7E-G
Yuwell Suction Machine Rechargeable 7E-G
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A compact, electrical suction machine with built-in rechargeable NiMH battery. The 7E-G is suitable for ambulances, emergency, home or clinical use. It can be operated in a vehicle with its 12 V DC input. The built-in battery provides running time up to 50 minutes on a full charge and makes it very convenient for use where electrical outlets are not within easy reach.

The 7E-G can be used for phlegm and mucus removal and also as an aspirator in hospital OTs. It features an all-new design, strong but lightweight plastic body and an oil-free, maintenance-free suction pump with 18 LPM capacity and a detachable power cord. Maximum negative pressure can be conveniently controlled from the regulator on the front panel. It comes with a 1000 mL polycarbonate jar with advanced over-flow protection, tubing kit and additional bacterial filters.

Technical Specifications:

Input Power : AC 220 V @ 50 Hz, 90 VA / DC 12 V

Battery: 12 V NiMH

Pumping Capacity : 18 LPM

Maximum Negative Pressure : 75 kPa

Operating Noise : < 65 dB

Jar Capacity : 1000 mL

Two-year warranty.

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